Joseph A Sonnabend
The emergence of AIDS will be remembered as one of the most significant events of the twentieth century. It has touched almost every field of human endeavour, and its impact felt globally.
The purpose of this website is to bring together observations I have been able to make on many aspects of this disease, as well as on medical, scientific and social responses to it. With some other physicians in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, I first became aware of unusual disease mmanifestations in populations at risk some years before AIDS was first officially recognized in 1981.
The section called Perspective explains the different contexts in which I was able to observe the epidemic; it includes a brief account of the fields in which I was professionally trained, and how I came to be placed in such an extraordinary position that allowed me to view so many different aspects of the epidemic. There is a link to display my credentials. This section also includes an explanation of how the material in the Contents section is organized. The Contents section presents a view of the earliest responses to the AIDS epidemic in the US with which I was directly involved, as a community physician, a virologist, a clinical researcher and as co founder of several organizations. It will contain articles I have written, often in collaboration with others, and talks that I have given over the years which have either been unpublished or published in now difficult to find newsletters and journals. This section also contains material dealing with the several organizations, enterprises and other projects with which I have been involved, including the foundation of the first scientific journal devoted to AIDS. The Journal section will contain a less formal contemporary narrative dealing with some specific topics covered in the Contents section, as well as comments on the process of assembling and choosing which material to include.
Finally, there is a section for Discussion
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