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Prevention of HIV/AIDS:

HIV Treatment as Prevention.  03.27.2009

HIV treatment as prevention – a short postscript.  03.27.2009

Treatment as Prevention. A last short postscript. 05.01.2009

Treatment as Prevention: Protecting individual autonomy. 05 18, 2009

PrEP: Pre exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection. 08.30.2009

HIV Prevention Education and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Against HIV. August 2009, 08. 30. 2009

HIV treatment as Prevention.  03.04.2010

iPrEx trial reuslts  Pre-exposure-prophylaxis – PreP 12.12.2010

Treatment of HIV/AIDS:

When is it best to start antiretroviral therapy.   02.26.2009

When is it best to start antiretroviral therapy: An update 04.13.2009

Individualization of HIV therapy.  03.08.2009

AZT: The clinical trial leading to its approval 01.28.2011

We need reliable evidence to justify an earlier start of anti-retroviral therapy. 05.19.2010

Treatment of HIV/AIDS. The revised USPHS guidelines. 05.19.2010

The SMART Study

HIV Treatment: There is a role for intermittent therapy despite the SMART study. 07.09.2009

The Not So SMART Study,    04.27.2009

The not so SMART study: a very short postscript,    06.12.2009


Aids and Minorities 02.25.2009

AIDS Origins 09.30.2010

Ethical Issues:

Early concerns about confidentiality in AIDS, and what Jim Monroe had to do with this. 04.23.2009

Treatment as Prevention: Protecting individual autonomy. 05.18.2009



I have worked in the field of HIV/AIDS since 1981, the year this disease was first recognized.

I am a microbiologist and physician.  I  provided care to people infected with HIV in New York  since 1981.

I have also conducted research into this disease both as a virologist in the laboratory and also as a clinical researcher.

The circumstances that resulted in my becoming involved in AIDS treatment and research is described here .

short biographical note has been adapted from that contained in the New York Public Library archive of my papers.

I will try to add documents of historical interest to this website.



I’m Joseph Sonnabend.  I started to write this blog in February, 2009, as comments on a variety of issues connected with HIV/AIDS.

The entries are listed here grouped  in various categories, with the dates they were posted. As I write them new entries  will be added to this list.

Most recent posts:

HIV transmission from infants to women who breastfeed them 1st July, 2012

Have we ignored a very simple mprocedure that could significantly reduce the risk of heterosexual transmission of HIV to men 8th May 2012

The 2012 revision of the DHHS HIV treatment guidelines: Conflicts of interest and what’s wrong with expert opinion. 12th April, 2012

Resolved:  We must not continue to ignore bloodborne HIV in Africa.  10.12.2010

The cost of Truvada PrEP August 17, 2011

PrEP with Truvada is not sufficiently effective 09.08.2011

Interferon and AIDS: Too much of a good thing:  May 12th 2011

HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): A misguided guidance issued on its use.

AZT: The clinical trial leading to its approval 01.28.2011

iPrEx trial reuslts  Pre-exposure-prophylaxis – PreP.  12.12.2010

HIV exposed individuals who are seronegative:   October 18, 2010

AIDS Origins. September 30 2010

HIV/AIDS pathogenesis:

AIDS Pathogenesis: HIV disease has characteristics of positive feedback systems. 04.02.2010

HIV Disease and Positive Feedback.  An additional comment. 08.31.2010

Endemic infections in Africa have everything to do with AIDS and are a long neglected therapeutic target. 06.06.2009

Herpes viruses and HIV, some early history  and a bit about safe sex.  05.17.2009

HIV infection in HIV antibody negative individuals. 04.01.2009

Interferon and HIV/AIDS

HIV disease and alpha interferon, 03. 21, 200

Interferon: Another Historical Digression,     05.10.2009

Interferon and AIDS: Too much of a good thing 05.12.2001